Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Tasty Treat

Just thought I would share another tasty creation. I figure, I better get all the tasty treats of the past, out there before I give up all the goodies in life. I MUST lose some serious weight, and eating this stuff is NOT going to encourage weight loss! Off topic, I think I may blog some of my weight loss journey as well...We'll see.

Anywho, I bring you "Blueberry French Toast Supreme"! Mmmmm, mouth watering!!

This is something I just decided to whip up for breakfast, one morning. Oh, it was super tasty!! I can still smell it cooking!! LOL


The Youngs!!! said... I'll take it for dessert!!!
Wish I could just pop over for sundaymorning breakfast and coffie... miss you guys! I too am hoping to loose a few pounds.... But to get up and do it well thats a hole new ball game.

Mama A said...

I hear ya sista!! I have a plan to go to an exercise class every day next week. Pray for me ;)

The Happy Domestic said...

Mmmm, good cookin', Mama A! I'm missing ya... it's been 2 weeks at least, I think, and I feel so out of touch! I wish it were summer but just on the weekends so we could go yardsaling some more. ;)

Mama A said...

Awe, missing you too!! I to would love to have Summer on the weekends, so that we may partake in some yard saling goodness! I hear you guys are VERY busy these days. Hoping all is well though and hope to see you again soon:)