Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crafty Links for Fall

I was going through my HUGE list of craft links when I decided it was high time I share the interesting and fun tutorials I have come across.

I figured, since Fall is upon us and I have decided to try a few decorations out, I would share some Fall decoration tutorials. Woo hoo...FUN!!

Here they are:

Fall Leaves and Mod Podge Magic!
I plan to make this one for decorating around the house, as well as scrap booking :)

Coloring Pages from Crayola
This is a great idea for the little ones to get in to the Fall fun! Make a little printed coloring book. There are many seasons and occasions to be found here. There also games, puzzles and more!

Maple Leaf Coasters
These little tidbits looks so sweet and simple to make.

Acorn Garland

Oooohhh, so purdy!!

Life Saver Pumpkin Lollipop
A sweet, simple, tasty treat. I know, not really a craft but worth posting :)

A Reversible Quilt Coat for a Dog
Why not decorate the dog too? This one is special for you Lottie!

Hanging Leaves
So many ways to preserve leaves! I think these look very nice hanging in front of a window, just like in the picture.

Recycled Glowing Pumpkins
You know, it isn't fall without something pumpkin related. I do love a good recycled craft!

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll be posting more links eventually ;) If anyone tries these craft items out, I would love to see the results...Happy crafting!

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The Youngs!!! said...

oh this is an awsome idea... Im going to go back and check them all out and see which one we can
Thanks for sharing.... but i know you have so much more to