Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Awesome Things in Small Packages

I received a sweet little package, in the mail, from a friend of mine...A VERY good friend, Lottie!! I was so excited, I opened it in the car before we even got home :) Ya-ya was quite pleased with what was inside..As was I! Lottie is an amazing crafty Mama and always finds time to make a little something new. I am so happy she made time to craft a little something new for Ya-ya :) Thank you VERY much Lottie!! You know you FROCK!!

Of course I have pictures to share. Here ya go:

Everything together! 2 fantastic cloth diapers and a sweet little apron bib!

Lottie said this one is her favorite. It is so well made!! Sweet :)

This one is my favorite, but I do like them both...Of course :P

And last but not least, the apron bib. We will use this for crafty times with Mommy and Ya-ya :)

We LOVE everything Lottie!! You did a fantastic job and we thank you VERY much. P.S....I will mail you something too...Eventually LOL!


The Youngs!!! said...

Awwwww well Thankyou.... I love making girl things.And
Really hope you enjoy them... dont know what Im going to do now that yaya's pretty much out of diapers.. guess you will just have to have another baby!
xoxoxoxo me

The Pickled Panda said...

Cute dipes! CDing is so much fun because you have these adorable things to cover baby's bottom with. I think it makes diaper changes more fun:D

Oh, and there are always cloth trainers for potty training"^.^"

erica said...

Love the cute pink diaper! I just stumbled upon your blog from Make and Takes. I'm a little excited about it. :)