Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tales from the Garden: Update

Well, the garden is a garden but I am not so sure it is a happy garden :( Things are looking a little droopy and a wee bit discoloured. I am still hopeful that things will perk up though. After all, it has only been a short time since I transplanted everything and we have had some seriously windy days, causing some of the plants to bend and fall over.

I went out in the garden today and added some soil mixed with sheep manure, in hope of giving the plants a little boost as well as the soil. I am also wondering if the plants are unhappy with the quality of the soil in my garden. It seems to be just a bit...okay, a fair bit sandy out there. I don't know, I am just hoping that adding the soil an manure will due the trick. Oh, and I am going to add some compost as well, a bit later. My brother offered me some of his compost but I really need to get myself, or build a compost bin.

I planted the seedlings I had but the garden is still pretty empty looking. I suppose that may be because there is still a big open space with nothing planted in it yet. Yes, there are still things left to plant *blush* I am the "Queen of Procrastination" but at least I have sprouted a few different things that are just about ready to be planted in that bare spot :)

I will also be doing a small amount of container gardening. I think I will be doing some tomatoes, peas, beans and herbs in container, on my patio. I would love to build a box to put on the rail of my patio so I can have my herbs just outside my kitchen. That would be sweet, having fresh herbs just that is fresh :)

Well, that is it for your garden update, I hope you enjoyed. This is Mama A, signing off :D

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