Monday, May 3, 2010

Homemade Summer Wardrobe: Skully Shirt Recon

Here's what I have been up to, for those who are wondering :)

I am planning to make a Summer wardrobe for Ya ya and work through the "recon bin" at the same time. I have a habit of picking up shirts, skirts, pillow cases and so forth, at second hand stores, with the intention of making something new with it and have never gotten around to making anything...Until now! I really want to keep in line with being frugal, green and crafty, so this year will be a homemade wardrobe for Ya ya and some for myself. Some items will be re-purposed items and some will be made from scratch. I figure I will work through the "recon bin" first, as it is overflowing and taking up space I really don't have!

Now, I will share with you, the first item in Ya ya's Summer line :P A shirt and shorts, made from this t-shirt. I did use a piece of blue material I had as well.

I have to say, I am pretty proud of this little number and Ya ya really seems to like it!! She bounces around in it saying, "Mommy, you made dis fo me?" LOL!!


The Youngs!!! said...

Yup this one is my fav... and I wish it came in my Awsome once again... :)

Mama A said...

This is also my favorite one...So far! LOL...You aren't the first to want it in adult sizing :P I was actually thinking of making the same outfit for her dolly...Tee hee hee!