Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crafts of Christmas

Ahhhhhhhhh! No more Christmas crafting stress!! SO nice to finally relax. Of course, this relaxing won't last long, I have so much to get done around the house now :( There's cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering and oh so much more! I have already decided that my resolution this year will be to make my life chaos free. This means being more organized, clutter-free, healthier and losing weight! Chaos-free home, life, family and body!

Okay, this post has taken a turn for the wrong subject...LOL! Okay, here are the goods I made this Christmas:

Decorated shadow boxes for Grammy and Great Aunt, on Macho Man's side. (Thank you Lottie for the inspiration)

These dollies were for 2 of my nieces and an honorary niece. There were actually three of them, but I forgot to take a picture of the third doll (she was in a green dress). Here is the tutorial, I used for these lovely ladies!

This is one of my favorite creations this Christmas...The monster pillow!!! I made it for my 2.5 year old niece and she loved it! I am so happy with how it turned out and that my niece likes it so much. This idea just came off the top of my head, on Christmas eve. I was actually planning to give her one of the felt dolls, but thought it was not a good idea, as they are bit too delicate for her.
Last but not least, the lovely scrap booked frame for my mother! The pictures are of Ya-ya and her Nanny. (Thanks again Lottie)

I have a few more things to post, I just have to get some pictures of them. There were actually a few gifts that I forgot all about! I was making a pair of slippers for Ya-ya and got side tracked with another craft, forgetting all about the slippers...Oops! It's okay, I will be finishing them up this weekend. I also made a covered journal for my nephew, but forgot to take a picture of it :(

I think I should also add that the Waldorf style did not make it under the tree :( It's okay though, Ya-ya had a ton of things to open (she got spoiled by the fam!).

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The Youngs!!! said...

Oh so nice.. I love all of them but mostly the monster I want one (a pink one)
Im so proud of you will all your homemade gifts.. I think they are great and so nice to recive as well...