Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wingin' it Waldorf Style: Phase 5

Here is a little update for you, on the Waldorf style process! I am now working on putting hair on this doll and let me tell you, this is no simple task! I think I really over did it with the hair I already have on here and I am not even finished covering her whole head...Doh! I don't think her neck is going to hold up under all this crazy hair...LOL! I used a yarn that is obviously too thick. Too late to go back now, but I think I can find a way to make this work :)

I don't have any pictures to share right now, but I will, just as soon as I am finished getting the hair on. This shouldn't take me too much longer.

Back at it...Stay tuned!


Well, I am finished with the hair segment of this journey! YAY!! It seems there is more hair than there is doll...LOL!! I think it will be a much better result when I have some wool to stuff the doll with. Yes, I think I am crazy enough to try this one again :P Here is a shot of the doll with all her hair:
Now to make her a lovely outfit, so she won't have to be naked anymore :P


The Youngs!!! said...

wow she is beatafull... Im so excited for hair... it changes her looks totally.. I love it!

Mama A said...

Now if I can just squeeze in a little time for her outfit!!

The Pickled Panda said...

I love that hair! I made my first poppet last year and she had more hair than body, and after three haircuts still has more hair than body...I went just a wee bit overboard with my wig making....