Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wingin' it Waldorf Style: Phase 4

More Waldorf updating coming at you...LOL!! My Mom stopped by for a moment today and I enlisted her help with this doll. I had her make a crochet cap for the beginings of a wig. She is a great crocheter and I was in the midst of making some other gifts. It was a great help...Thanks Mommy :)

Anywho, I did the face and the hair is started. Of course, when I say started, I mean just the crochet cap part, LOL! I think the hair will actual take me some time, so I am going to finish up the last four gifts I have to do and then do the hair later on tonight. I think I may even make her a dress and then worry about the hair.

I should probably add that I searched high and low for the perfect hair tutorial for this doll. I didn't want just any type of hair, I wanted a type of wig that could be changed after all it's wear ant tear. I finally found a tutorial last night, on a site that sells a lot of Waldorf doll kits/ Patterns and much more. The site is Dancing Rain Dolls. They have a little section how-to's that were are very helpful :)

Here is a picture update, yet again:


The Youngs!!! said...

oh i love it.... she looks great with the face all done and the hair started... I cannot wait to see her all done dress and all!!! Happy Craftin!!!

Mama A said...

Well, it is now 1:30 am and I think it is safe to say that this doll will NOT be receiving any hair before it is time! LOL :P I think I will just put it under the tree, the way it is and worry about it after the holiday rush :( Ah well, I did my very best!