Monday, February 14, 2011

Progress Report!

I got a few of the tasks done, from my list but not as much as I wanted to accomplish. I may have not completed everything, but the most important part was finished...LAUNDRY!!! I made 2 crochet slouch hats but they were a FAIL! The pattern I used was all kinds of crazy, and the finished products were more like stiff, over sized berets. I am greatly disappointed, as I put a fair amount of time in to them. Ah well, I have a few other patterns to try out and I know I will find at least one that works for me! I also worked on the Alice in Wonderland swap, a wee bit. There is still so much to do with that swap and so little time to do it in. Oh, and the cookies just didn't happen. Miss Z and I were supposed to bake Valentine cookies (today) as a surprise for Daddy, but I didn't realize that we were missing a few ingredients. I am still planning to make cookies with Miss Z, this week but instead of Valentine cookies, we will work them in to the homeschooling schedule (we are going to work on letter of the weeks...YAY). The weekend wasn't a total bust, though there was a lot I didn't get to. Always another day to finish :)

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