Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slouch Obsessed!

I am out of control! I want to try every single version of a slouch hat, that I find. I was thinking I should share some of the patterns that I have found, with you all :) I mean, who doesn't love a good slouch hat?!?!

Here are the linky poos:

Eyelet Slouch Hat

Meret : This one is a PDF.

Runched Slouch Beanie

Slouch Hat Knitting Pattern

Knit Slouch Hat Pattern: This pattern is the first one I will be trying out. In fact, it is already on the needles, I just haven't had a chance to work at it.

Rudolph Hat
: Not a slouch hat, but super cute!!

I have yet to try these patterns, but I plan to, in hopes of finding a slouch hat that is to my liking. If any of you try one or some of these patterns, be sure to let me know how it/they turn out. I will post pictures of the ones that I try out...even if they fail :)

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