Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ten Apples Up On Top

What a cute little book this is!

I thought I would share some schooly crafted goodness with you today. I recently saw this idea on another blog (can't remember which one), to read a book and then to do some art work, with the book's theme. Well, today was our first try at it and Miss Z LOVES it! She had so much fun, reading with Mommy, counting, painting and gluing.

Here is what we did:

I made paper apples from construction paper, then gathered supplies we needed. Oh, and Miss Z picked the character she wanted, from the book and I drew it on to large blank paper (ah yes, look at my drawing skills...LOL).

Then, Miss Z painted her tiger, with some help from Mommy. We read the book while the paint dried on her tiger. As I was reading, I had Miss Z count out the paper apples, to go along with the number of apples added to each character.

Last, but not least, Miss Z glued "Ten Apples Up On Top"!!

Here is the picture she took herself, of her lovely art ;)

There you have!! All kinds of fun was had with this project, and I hope you enjoyed seeing it :)

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