Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're Going Through Changes

I decided that when the New Year came, I wasn't going to make any sort of resolution, instead, a promise. A promise to myself, my family and the planet! I thought it would be good to share the changes I plan to make, with you all. This can be more of a motivation and an accountability source for me, to help me remember my promises and the reasons I made them!

Here are my plans:

Pledging to not buy new - though we have decided that we can buy 1 or 2 new items for Miss Z, at Christmas and her birthday (they are a month apart), but I think this will come to an end as well.

Eat more meatless meals - This one is proving to be a bit of a challenge for Macho Man! He is a meat and potato man.

Avoid plastic like the plague - I am pretty good at this one and have been for quite some time. My sister has referred to me as the "Plastic Nazi"! Though there is always room for improvement and that would be packaged foods. Time to make those reusable produce bags I have been putting off! Now, if only they would let us use reusable bags at bulk food stores...Grrrr!

Healthier food choices - No more processed food. Sounds easy right? Well, not for some of us...LOL!! Once again, Macho Man has had a hard time adapting to this one, as he was raised on mainly processed foods. He lived on things like boxed macaroni and cheese, canned cartoon pastas, the list goes on. You'd think he would be happy to be eating such flavorful foods, with great nutrients. He does seem to enjoy most of the homemade, natural, healthy foods that I make, but I have heard more than one complaint about there not being any "quick, boxed meals" for him to cook up.

Become more self sufficient - Living sustainable seems, to me, to be a matter of gaining the tools to fend for yourself. I am not sure all I need to live a more sustainable life, but that is what research is for. Read, read, read!! I just wish I owned my own land so that I could have chickens and other farm animals.

Buy local - This one may be a bit pricey, but we love going to the local food markets and finding the local places that we didn't know even existed. There are locally grown foods right in our own backyard, to be purchased. It is amazing what you can find locally, when you venture away from the big grocery stores.

Make this home homemade - I have decided that we will no longer purchase bread, baked goods and whatever else I can make at home, from the grocery store. There really is no need, when it is so easy to make these things in our own home. I LOVE homemade bread and I know what is in it! This also applies to gifts, toys, clothing, whatever is possible for us to make on ourselves.

Grow our own food - I really loved growing my own food 2 summers ago, but since moving, we lost out on the garden last summer. Now that it has been discussed with the landlord, we have agreed on a space that I can use to plant a garden...WOOO HOO!!! I am so excited to have a garden again and can not wait to get started. I was also thinking of growing a few things indoor, as well. I'd really like to get a little indoor herb garden going and maybe try growing potatoes indoor, as well. We'll see how that goes.

Recycle, reduce, reuse - Though this is something we already do, I just think there is more we can do to follow this one. I would like to not just throw things in the recycling bin, in hopes that it will actually be recycled properly, and make another use out of those items. There are a lot of things that can be made with recyclable, like crafts with Miss Z from toilet paper rolls, tools for gardening from cans, party decorations from cardboard boxes. That list is endless and I need to try out some of the many recycled crafty things I have bookmarked. I am also going to be sure to make purchases with less packaging. There is no need for a tiny toy to have so much packaging. My sister came up with a great description that applies nicely to the packaging for toys, "Plastic, wrapped in plastic, wrapped in a tree". That comment was made in reference to something else, but it it works here!

Be more active - Ugh, I am SOOOOO lazy!!! I can admit it. I am ashamed, but I can tell you that I am super lazy. I really need to get to the gym as well as finding more active things for us to all do together. Miss Z is much more active than her father and I are (she goes to classes at the gym)and that is not right. How can you set a good example for your little ones, or expect them to live a lifestyle you don't even live? It is time to lead by example! I am overweight and I know that this weight is very unhealthy and I need to fix this, so I can live a long life with my family. I want my daughter to love herself as she is, and have a great body image, but also don't want her to think that being overweight is a good thing or healthy. I saw this as the norm and was taught some pretty bad food habits and now it is my chance to break that chain.

I have been doing my best to follow a crunchy, healthy, greener life style, but I have been slipping a lot and that just isn't working for me. I need to be more dedicated and motivated, as these things can positively impact my family as well as the planet. It is time to make a change...A BIGGER change...Do what I know is right!

I have many more plans, but I think this blog entry is long enough. I will be posting more at a later date and will be posting updates on our progress.

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