Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Calling All Vegetarians/Vegans

Or those of you that love a good veggie meal, now and again! I am trying to find a few really good Vegetarian/Vegan recipes, that are realistic and cost efficient. Is that a bit too much to expect? LOL!

Macho Man and I have made a personal challenge for ourselves (more for him), to eat all vegetarian meals for one month. I have a few recipes that we already use often but they tend to get played out and we like variety. It seems that all the cookbooks that I have checked out, have a lot more fancy hard to come by sort of recipes and that just won't do!

So, I am really hoping that someone out there will have some recipes to share that you enjoy. Recipes that have been tried out by you would be best, so that I may get your reviews and/or changes, would be great.

Thanks in advance ;)


Anonymous said...

our all time fav vegan recipe is this...General Taos tofu

the kids LOVE it, and my meat lovin hubby also loves it. Its even better the next day heated up, though the tofu isnt as crunchy.
You should MOST definitely increase the amount of sauce you make. The sauce is the best part and really the more the better.
Let me know what ya think

Mama A said...

Sweet! Thank you very much and I will be sure to let you know as soon as we test this one out :)