Monday, March 7, 2011

I am Addicted

Yes, to handmade, natural soap. I LOVE IT!! I am really enjoying the soap that my sister picked up for me, from a lady who makes these fantastic soaps right down the road from my sister. It does smell DELICIOUS! I purchased patchouli and orange, beeswax and honey, and Cocoa butter and oatmeal soap. I was quite pleased when I opened the paper bag they were in and smelled hippies...LOL. A great smell, indeed! I washed my hands with some and it is just lovely. The company name is Northumberland Soap Works. Be sure to check it out!

I also purchased some handmade soap from a little shop, in my town, that is closing. Sad, but I did get a great 50% discount. They carry a brand called Smell The Soap. This stuff is great and smells super awesome...well, at least the stuff I have tried :) I picked up a scent that reminded me so much of a Lush product that I really love, called Snowcake soap. It's called The Promised Land Cold Process soap and is a mixture of milk, honey and oats. It smells so good, that if I thought for one second that it would taste as good as it smells, I would take a big ole bite.


Anonymous said...

Awesome soap! I pick some up at the market every few weeks. I too use the patc. are you surprised? lol

Mama A said...

LOL...Absolutely shocking...LOL!! I really am liking the smell of the Patchouli and orange, but I think I'd like to have a bar of just the patchouli, as well.