Monday, March 14, 2011

My Pits Shall Stink Another Day

Okay, it isn't that serious, I still have plain old baking soda! I really did want to make some deodorant and try it out, but this day did not go so well and now I am plain lazy. I was looking around a bit though and found a few other blogs/sites that have their version of the homemade deodorant. I was thinking it would be nice to add some essential oils but unsure if it would change the consistency. I was browsing some blogs and found a link for THIS recipe! Right before I found that one, I found THIS link that shows you an easy way to store your deodorant in an empty "store bought" deodorant container. I believe that link may also have a recipe. Now, I think storing it that way would be sweet, but I haven't bought deodorant in almost a year.I figured it was a good one to share though.

I am really hoping to make some deodorant tomorrow and get a battery charger, so that I can share some pictures of the process :)


The Youngs!!! said...

lol ok crazy question??? if you havent worn it in over a year what have you been using???

daydreamer said...

Think I'm gonna try making my own deoderant, too. I'll use one of the links you have. mom

Mama A said...

Lottie: Not a crazy question at all :P I have been using plain old baking soda. I put a bit in my hand and add a bit of water, making a paste and then I rub it on the ole pits ;)

Mom: YAY!! You should!! So much better for you :)