Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Devices, devices, devices!

There are so many new electronic devices in this world, I just can not keep up! I sometimes feel so old for not knowing what is new and what is old in the world of "doodads" and "whichamacallits". As great as some of these things are, do they have to take over our whole lives?

I find it sad to have attended a recent hockey game (Macho Man plays) and noticed 3 people sitting on a bench, in the lobby, and neither one of them could be bothered to see what was going on around them. The reason being, each one of those people were wrapped so deep in their electronic devices! There were two young children and an adult and not once, did I see either of them look up from their devices, until someone came to wrangle them up at the end of the game.

The young ones were playing video games and the little guy kept yelling at his game! What a way to spend a day out...sitting so close to real humans and not once interacting with each other. This is a sad world sometimes :( We never did such things as children. I know, times are a changin', but it gets a bit silly when kids are glued to game systems, cell phones, iPads...Blah, blah, blah!! How do you keep up? What ever happened to going out and playing tag and being silly with friends? When did parents decide to just give up on helping kids to be active? More times than not, I see young people so wrapped up in these things and not enjoying nature and the earth. It really saddens me. I mean, I am not perfect and don't know it all, I don't think I am super Mom/human!! I just think that there are better things to be doing then playing video games and texting ALL.DAY.LONG!!

It doesn't help that we live in a time that has toys that basically leave no reason for a child to use their imagination!! Remember when a blanket could be a super hero cape, or a cardboard box could be a play house or spaceship? These times aren't completely gone, or at least they don't have to be. Let's get back to the basics and break away from devices and battery operated toys that do the work for you. I for one am trying my very best to keep things imaginative, fun and non-electronic for my little one. I am sure the day will come that she will want to use the computer or try a game and that is fine, but it doesn't have to be now and it doesn't have to become her blood line.

So let's wake up and share what fun things we did when we were young and didn't have all these "doodads" and "whichamacallits". Get active! Come on kids, live a little...get out there and be a!!!

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wanda said...

I agree, my family is a highly addicted gaming family lol however the day I allow them to take over our lives is very far away. I don't understand why parents can't keep these things where they can be useful, ex. i think they are great with head phones in doc offices while waiting, or say a long road trip or even whilst shopping if your child can still be in a cart :) I however would not allow them to join us at a family outing hockey games are for yelling a players not game boys hehe.....and our easter presents are kite and skipits and other wonderful our door active presents, we have a weekly routine too....mondays are for swimming tuesdays are cheap movie night, and fridays are game night(possibly thursdays as well, my older boys play the older games with Jon while hailee and I watch a video or play on my computer) I think I have done my best to become part of the ever changing and fastinating electronic world, while keeping my family real, together and active :) :) :)