Monday, March 21, 2011


It seems I feel this way, any time I need to pick up groceries. I know you do what you can, but there is so much to consider when buying your food...Organic, non-organic, market, grocery store, dirty dozen, processed, non-processed...Is this a healthy choice? Can I get him to put the chips back?

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! There is just too much in my brain, for a simple grocery trip :(

This also applies to making better choices for Miss Z. I want to be sure that she not only eats better foods, I want to ensure her brain is healthy and that I am teaching her well, that she has healthy and safe toys to play with. So.Much.Pressure.Head.Exploding.

I think these things are also brought on by my lack of support and understanding. Though Macho man is great and I love him, I often feel completely alone in my plight to live a healthy, crunchy, hippie lifestyle. I am sure there are many that have to also take their partner kicking and screaming, I would just love to hear what you do in these situations! In my area, I have been in contact with virtually no one that shares my views and hopes for a healthy family life. I get looked at very strangely, when I tell the lady at the cash that I am refusing to take home plastic bags, I was once poked fun at for doing my best to be eco-friendlier, I was even giggled and ewwwwed at when I told a person that I cloth diapered Miss Z. I just don't get it!

I know that I have a tendency to take on too much at once and worry, it is just hard when I want to do so much to make this world and life better but feeling like what I do is never enough. I guess I just need to look at things in a different light and as soon as I figure that way out, I will be okay! I think I just need to find a few people that are on the same mission as myself. I know you are out there...Now is the time to share people :)

Okay, that was some strange kind of rant :P


Anonymous said...

"I guess I just need to look at things in a different light..."
Implicit in this statement is a desire for some change, but you're also looking for people on "the same mission" as you. That's like asking us to hit a moving target... change AND solidarity!
Perhaps a clear outline of what your mission is is in order. Like a mission statement of sorts... This would benefit both us readers and yourself. The clearer picture would focus you in interactions with others, making their giggles and "eeewws" at your ways a far lighter burden on your spirit.
And who knows... maybe by sharing your true, clear goals you'll find that there are more of "us(?)" out there than you think!

Erikka said...

You always have me! You know, you are very lucky to have family that "gets it" or tries to understand and supports you in everything you do.
I might call you the bag nazi but I'm really proud of everything you do. :)

Melissa said...

meh. . . just start shopping in our store! At Dad's Organic Market we cater to the crunchy hippies all day long! Seriously, there are some hardcore crunchies up in Saskatoon. . . ;)

Melissa said... <----- that's us lol

Anonymous said...

your doing great! and iffin ya ever wanna chat crunchy, drop me a
We start some kind of club or
We cn call it