Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Chick Here...No Chick There...


Sadly, there will be no chickens in our yard, this year :( I contacted the town bylaw officer today and was informed that were are not "zoned" for them. I am so sad and was really hoping we could get just 4 chickens! I am no where near as disappointed as Miss Z. She cried a little and keeps asking why we can't have chickens. Poor little girl!

Now, we must move on to happier things and be ready to plant tasty foods! I think this will be something good to take Miss Z's and my mind off of the chicken ordeal. Miss Z is very excited about planting things this year. She doesn't seem to care what it is, she just wants to get in there and get growing...LOL!!

YAY garden of food :D

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