Friday, May 13, 2011

Glass Dharma Drinking Straws

I am officially a member of the "I Love My Straw" group!! As I mentioned in a previous post, I joined an initiative to get restaurants to stop giving out plastic straws automatically, at My Plastic Free Life. Well, as an incentive, David Leonhardt of Glass Dharma Company gave free glass straws to those who wrote letters to restaurants, asking them to change their policies on plastic straws. We were given one free straw for each letter, up to 5 letters. I only ended up getting 2 out in time but it is still really exciting to get even just one.

The straws came in the mail on Thursday and today we finally got around to trying them out. It was macho Man and I that tried them and I like them far more than a plastic straw. I like the way they look, how thick the glass is, the rounded ends and of course that they are reusable and will last a lifetime. Macho Man was a bit of a skeptic when I first told him of these glass straws, but he too is in the "club".

I love these straws!! They are so interesting and by using them, we are saving the use of thousands of non-recyclable plastic straws. I believe I will have to buy more of these and maybe some as gifts...Wink wink. Everyone needs at least one of these straws, so be sure to check the site...and buy one or more :D

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