Monday, May 2, 2011

Stay Tuned

Well, I think I have found yet another temporary fix for my computer issues. One that works out way better than my earlier fix.

Many things being done and things to be done, Miss Z and I are overjoyed at the progress of out little garden! We have several things started indoors and they are sprouting quite nicely. Once I dump the memory cards from my camera, I will share the loveliness that is growing food :)

There hasn't been much crafting being done. Tomorrow I will be cleaning this place from top to bottom! It has been a pretty big mess since losing power for three days. There will be much to share as I begin Miss Z's home/re-purposed Summer wardrobe.

Oh, and there will be some fun schooly type activities to share as well. PLease, stayed tuned for goodies to come :)

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