Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Garden is my Happy Place

Today was bad day among the other bad days I have been having but I found a little relief. Something to ease the stress and feel the garden. Okay, so it isn't a real garden yet, just my plants in containers, awaiting their permanent home, but still a good feeling from caring for the plants. I decided, well they really decided by getting so big, that it was time to upgrade the containers. I am sure it wasn't 100% necessary in some cases, as they will be going out in the big garden soon but I think some of the plants really needed more space.

The peas were starting to really reach for one another and becoming tangled. I know, you really don't need to plant them indoor first as they don't handle transplanting well, but I was given some bad info on this one. Although, I have read of other gardeners doing the same with no issue in transplanting. Their roots don't like to be messed with, but I have faith that these little guys will do fine!

My tomato plants are not really all that big but I was on a roll and thought they should have their own space :)

The bean plants are doing well in the egg cartons still but growing big, so I know they will be happy to be planted outdoors soon. I might even move them to bigger pots just in case.

The cucumber, zucchini and sunflowers all look very happy!

I believe this is the weekend that most people begin their garden outdoors, though I think I may wait another week or so. The last time I had a garden and planted the the long weekend of May 24th, there was another 2 frosts. Better safe than sorry this time! One thing I will be doing for sure, is taking apart the old pallets the neighbor offered and making the walls of my raised bed. Thank goodness it seems a lot of the planks have already been taken off, so it will be a lot less work for me...LOL!

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