Sunday, May 1, 2011

Power...At Last!

Well, those were some dark times...Okay, not so much, as I went and stayed with my mother :) We had a crazy windy storm, on Thursday and it did some serious damage to the . It also knocked out the hydro for many, many homes. We were one of those very unlucky places to not have hydro. I am still not really sure of what kind of damage was done, but it left us without hydro for 3 days!

I am back now but of course there has to be some other sort of computer isn't quite right. I had to do a factory reset a few weeks ago and when I did, I was given a count down of when I had to activate my Windows. Well, I was unable to do that because the key that I have is showing up as unauthorized and now I can't log in to Windows. I am not really sure what my options are, but I am trying to figure out a way to resolve this without having to buy a new computer or shell out a ton of money to buy new a Windows. Here's hoping I can't get this thing working properly!!

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