Monday, May 30, 2011

Gardening is Hard Work

Well, this was quite the day! I was not a well person :( I spent the majority of yesterday, digging, tilling, preparing and planting. I am very happy to say the garden is planted, well, there are a few more things to go in and the fencing needs to go up but it is a garden now.

Today, I am paying for it. By the time I was finished yesterday, my body was screaming in pain but I figured I would simply have a hot bath and a good night sleep to cure that. Boy was I wrong! I spent the entire day in bed, today. My body was aching, I had a pounding headache and I just couldn't stay awake. Thank goodness Macho Man doesn't work until late, I was really in need of his help. I am feeling much better after my day in bed, but I really need to learn to pace myself.

Who knew gardening would take so much out of me!

I would love to share pictures, but my camera has decided to retire :( Hopefully, I can get a new one REALLY soon.

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