Friday, May 27, 2011

Tales from the Garden

Well, I have dirt from head to toe and enough under my nails, to fill a sandbox. My body aches, I have my fair share of bug bites, and I have had way too much sun but I think these are all signs of a productive day in the garden! Of course, there is still so much to be done.It was a lot of help having my sister in law over with her little ones for the first day because Miss Z was kept occupied but as soon as they were gone, she was all up in my business...LOL! It was too bad at some points, as she was trying to help out but I did have to track her down a few times. It wasn't so bad, once she found her new love...WORMS!! This is an amazing thing for Miss Z because she usually freaks out over bugs. This is the girl who is afraid of lady bugs. It was really fun to watch how in to the worms she was. She was playing with them, counting them and talking to them. I also took the opportunity to make it a little lesson on worms. She was asking what they do, what they eat and where they live.
Of course, that love only lasted the one day because on the second day, one of the worms she was playing with, pooped on her hand and she was most offended!

Back to the garden...I have been digging and pulling out grass chunks, for the last 2 days and it seems as though I am STILL not ready to plant. I keep looking at my garden thinking there isn't enough space for everything. The first day, was just getting started and my second day was making the garden a bit bigger. I think my biggest issue is that I have no idea where to plant everything, what goes with what and which plants are not compatible. I still have to go out there and add some manure and soil, before I start planting.
HELP!!!! If anyone reading this is willing to share some ideas on where to plant everything, I would be most appreciative! I am really new at all of this and am still researching some things but having an experienced gardener to give advice would be super sweet :)

Just in case, here is what I am planting:
Tomatoes (2 kinds)
Peas (2 kinds)
Beans (2 different green and yellow)

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The Happy Domestic said...

I have a book that tells you what to plant with what, and which plants should never be next to each other. You can come over and check it out if you want... one thing I know for sure is to plant your corn on the north edge of your garden so it doesn't block the sunlight to other plants. I'm going easy on myself this year and doing a very small bit of container gardening on my deck. We'll see if I can turn my black thumb a shade greener! Happy Gardening!