Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I CAN Make a Difference :)

It is always nice to see/hear the result of the changes you are trying to make in this world!

A few weeks ago, I joined an initiative to get restaurants to stop bringing plastic straws to our table, automatically. Actually, not having the non-recyclable straws at all would be the best thing, but baby steps :) I joined this initiative through My Plastic Free Life. What we did was wrote letters to local businesses that give you a straw in your drink, without asking whether you want one or not, asking them to either ask you if you want one or switch to using reusable straws.

I wrote to 2 of my favourite places to eat and I was wonderfully delighted to hear from my brother (his sister in law works there), that one of the places has put a new policy in to place. The servers will no longer bring you a plastic straw automatically, but instead ask you if you would like one. I am really happy about this! Though it may seem silly or so small to some people, it is a big thing for me. First, it shows that one person alone can make a difference and second, I believe that people will opt out of taking the plastic straws when asked. I believe that we don't really think about that straw when we get it and the fact that most people never use a straw at home. Some people don't think to say that they don't need a straw, but if asked, I have a feeling a lot more people will refuse them. I think it makes you think about the fact that it really isn't something needed and you won't miss it if it isn't something you have outside of a restaurant. I know that I never used to think of the straw that came in my drink. I never use straws at home but as soon as that straw showed up in my drink, I used it without a second thought. I have definitely seen the error of my ways :) I really hope that this change will spark more change...Change for the greater good of the planet!!

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