Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better." — Maya Angelou

Seriously good words!! I lived one way for so long because I didn't know any different, but now that I am learning and growing, I live a whole new life!

I have been reading, researching and finding a lot of new info on living better, healthier, greener, more sustainable...
I have made many changes to live a better life for my family and to respect the Earth, but I know there are still so many changes I want to make. I look at my recycling and see so many things that really don't even need to be there. Not that they don't need to be recycled, just that I don't need to be bringing that amount of packaging home. There are so many ways to avoid having large amounts of waste and it seems I am just being lazy and procrastinating. I need to smarten up and get my act together! Time to make more of a difference! I need to make some reusable mesh produce bags, make muslin bread bags and bags for bulk foods (I still need to find a bulk place where I can use said bags), bake my own bread 100% of the time, look for recipes to make my own hygiene products...Such a long list of the things I have been putting off out of sheer laziness. No more excuses!!!

I have found a few really good sites and blogs that have tips on ways to reduce your waste, live sustainable, being more eco friendly and so on. A lot of great info to be read here.

Linkies to share, in case you too are interested:

The Clean Bin Project

Groovy Green Livin

My Plastic Free Life - The initiative on getting restaurants to stop giving out plastic straws automatically, is a great idea. Be sure to check it out and join in!

Mom Goes Green

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