Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earthy Links

I know, I was supposed to post a crafty entry today, but I was out ALL day and there was no crafting :( We had a good day though, in spite of not crafting! Though, I did see a great recycled craft done by a friend's husband and their daughter, but I had no camera to take a picture of their creation. It was like a recycled snow globe/lava type thingy...Yeah, yeah, a lovely description...LOL! I believe my friend said it was made with a glass bottle (pop, beer, milk, juice bottle, whatever you have on hand), light corn syrup, a tiny bit of water and some beads and sparkles. It was really nice and a great craft for a parent and a little one. I will have to get a detailed instruction and post it another time.

I figured this would be a good time to share some links on Earth friendly crafts, activities, ideas and some info. If you are looking for some ideas, check these links out!

Magazine Paper Beads
Toothbrush Bracelets
5 Easter egg projects using recycled materials
Make your own paper

Earth Day Canada
Plastic Free Life
Hip Mountain Mama Blog (great products and info)

Here are few ideas of what you can do to celebrate and appreciate the Earth:

Park the car and walk or bike
Turn off the TV and get outside, get active
Clean up your neighbourhood or someone else's
Plant a tree
Start a vegetable and/or fruit garden
Make some crafty items with materials from your recycling bin
Go meat free
Build a bin
Attend an Earth Day event if available in your area

The Earth needs to be cared for, appreciated, celebrated and love every day, not just this one!! Take some or all of the ideas and info and apply it to every day life, not just for one single day.

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