Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Will They Be?

I have been collecting materials and used clothing, in preparation to make a summer wardrobe for Miss Z and this is what I have purchased thus far:

Some shirts and a jean jacket that will remain a jacket but with a few touch ups. It needs to be taken in and I want to add some crazy color and patches.These skirts were a great buy at only a dollar a piece. The two sheets are super sweet and it is funny how I found a matching set.. The yellow sheet was purchased at a local secondhand shop but the pink sheet was found quite a ways from home. My family went on a mini-vacation and when we arrived to this tiny town, I saw something that caught my eye...A SECONDHAND SHOP!! Of course I can spot the only tiny secondhand shop in this town...LOL!! I had to stop in and take a look. I looked over just about everything and when I decided I was finished, I headed to the cash when I walked by this pink sheet that looked super familiar. I picked it up and hmmmed and haaaaaed over it when I realized, it was the same as the yellow sheet I had purchased at home! I had to get it, it was just meant to be :P I mean, Macho Man couldn't possibly argue this purchase. I have a pretty good idea of what will come of these sweet old sheets!

It is just a matter of time before these items become lovely (I hope) pieces of clothing. I plan to use the tutorials I posted in a previous post as well as winging it with a few things. I am thinking of making a few of my own patterns. We shall see how this all plays out.


Erikka said...

I wish I had an eye for sheets that casn become clothing. Nice haul!

Mama A said...

It is a simple task! You just need to look at sheets like you would material. I don't always find really good sheets to work with, just one other than these ones. It can be tricky, finding a sheet that is in good enough shape.