Monday, April 18, 2011

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Re-purpose: Egg Cartons

Ah yes, egg cartons and their many uses! There are so many great ideas of what you can do with egg cartons. Here is what we did with them today.

Caterpillars:This one was a lot of fun because it involved cutting, painting, pipe cleaners

Spring Flowers:Miss Z says that these flowers smell SOOOOOO good! Tee hee...So sweet!

Color Sorting and Counting:
This idea was something I came up with when Miss Z was about 2. She used to love sorting the colors and counting the pieces. She still takes it out sometimes and plays with it on her own. This is actually a double re-purposing, as the circle pieces are made from a cereal box!

We have one more thing to do with the egg cartons, and that is to start a few plants in them. From what I gather, you can transplant them in to your garden, still in the individual cups...Cool :)

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