Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On the Hunt

Well, there will be no recycled craft for today. We were out most of the day, running errands and such. I was also on a hunt for a bike. A bike for Macho Man! We have a few great ideas on how we will spend Earth Day, doing lovely things to respect and appreciate the Earth and a big part of it includes biking. The only problem is that we are having a heck of a time locating a bike that will be suitable for Macho Man. He is a rather large guy and needs a good sized, sturdy bike. Of course, we don't buy new (unless absolutely necessary) and finding a good bike for him second hand is proving a bit tricky. I will use what time I have tomorrow to continue my search and maybe will get lucky or a friend will have one to lend. Wish us luck :)

I will have another crafty item to share tomorrow and Friday, I will post info and pictures of how we spent Earth Day! How are you all showing your love for the Earth? Anything special planned?

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